Uptown Mugs #52 – Sarah Rankin

Chances are, if there is something theatre related happening uptown, Sarah is involved.  This energetic beauty not only works behind the scene at Saint John Theatre Company and as Festival Director for the Fundy Fringe Festival, she is a talented lady on stage as well.  She can often be found on the scene uptown, at Picaroon’s General Store, and soon will be running at full steam during the Fundy Fringe Festival, August 16-21st.

Let’s get to know Sarah…


Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was born and raised in St. Stephen (Chocolate Capital of Canada!). 

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I moved to Saint John in October of 2010 to be closer to my boyfriend (now husband), Rob. We’ve lived Uptown the whole time! First Peter Street, then Princess, and then finally bought a home on Duke St. I threw myself into the Uptown arts scene as soon as I could by acting in shows with the Saint John Theatre Company. From there, I was afforded the opportunity to help shape and run the Fundy Fringe Festival. I’m so happy that Saint John has embraced it, and sees the value in it. Our volunteers are the best too! I’ve never met a more dedicated group of people in my life. Getting to know all of them, and the artists and audience, I feel like I’ve been living here my whole life, despite having only lived here for 6 years.

What is your favorite season, and why?

Summer! There are so many exciting events that take place Uptown in the summer! We’ve got Fundy Fringe Festival, Third Shift, Area 506, Loyalist City Shakespeare, Buskers. Not to mention patios are open!

What is your ultimate favorite snack food?

Guacamole and chips

Any pets?

My 15 month old Siberian Husky, Watson. He’s an Uptown pooch. It’s amazing how many store are dog friendly. It’s a good feeling, knowing he can come with me when I’m running around, rather than being stuck at home. I also have two very needy lap cats, Jett and Schrodinger.

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

Lunch at Real Food Connection/Picaroons! Real Food Connection makes the best sandwiches, and they pair perfectly with a Picaroons brew. Picaroons is also dog friendly, which means Watson gets to be my lunch date.

Find Sarah and all of the details on Fundy Fringe Festival:

Online:  Fundy Fringe Festival

Facebook:  Fundy Fringe Festival

Twitter:  @FundyFringeFest

Pokémon GO Comes to Uptown Saint John

If you’ve been anywhere with an internet connection in the last week, you’ve surely heard of the phenomenon that is Pokémon GO. The app, developed by Nintendo’s Niantic Labs, has smashed new records every day since its launch. Released yesterday in Canada, the game has already brought millions of users outdoors to explore their surroundings, hunting for Pokémon and other in-game rewards at historic sites, landmarks and businesses.

Whether you’re a Pokémon trainer yourself or an interested parent hoping to get your kids outside, we figure you could use a little help finding those hard-to-catch Pokeémon. We’ve compiled a list of all of the Pokémon offerings of Uptown Saint John!

Six Pokémon Gym Locations:

  • Canada Games Aquatic Centre
  • Saint John City Market
  • Three Sisters Lamp
  • Loyalist Burial Ground – Beaver Fountain
  • Church of Saint Andrew and Saint David
  • Mural at Duke and Water Street


Thirty-seven PokéStop Locations:

Businesses Museums Landmarks & Historic Sites
Chipman Hill Suites Loyalist House CenterBeam Place Sculpture
Vito’s Restaurant No. 2 Engine House Museum King Street Clock
Harbour Station Saint John Jewish Historical Museum SPCA Statue (City Hall)
Imperial Theatre Hooper “People Waiting” Statue
Hayward and Warwick Moose Sculpture
Britts Pub & Eatery Hooper “Time Piece” Statue (Market Square)
Genesys Loyalist Burial Ground Entrance
Irving Golden Ball Peel Plaza Fiddlehead Sculpture
NB Telephone War Memorial
Saint John Fire Memorial
Founding of NB Statue (King’s Square)
Great War Memorial Statue (King’s Square)
King’s Square Bandstand
Charles Gorman Statue (King’s Square)
Saint John Fire Dept. Station
Trinity Church
Calvary Temple
Samuel de Champlain Statue (Queen’s Square)
Old Harbour Plaque (Water Street)
Saint John Port Workers Memorial (Water Street)
26th New Brunswick Battalion Memorial (Water Street)
Battle of the Atlantic Plaque (Market Slipp)
Market Square Sculpture (SJ Trade & Convention Centre)
Port Plaque (Harbour Passage)
Octagonal Lighthouse (Market Slipp)
Uptown Lighthouse (Market Slipp)

We went Pokémon hunting ourselves, and took a few shots of our Uptown fun!

PokeStop at the SPCA Statue (Allie Ruigrok)
PokeStop at the SPCA Statue
The King Street Clock PokeStop (Allie Ruigrok)
The King Street Clock PokeStop
The Pokemon Gym at the Saint John City Market (Allie Ruigrok)
The Pokemon Gym at the Saint John City Market
A Venonat on Princess Street
A Venonat on Princess Street
Hayward & Warwick PokeStop (Allie Ruigrok)
Hayward & Warwick PokeStop
Britts PokeStop (Allie Ruigrok)
Britts PokeStop
CenterBeam Place PokeStop (Allie Ruigrok)
CenterBeam Place PokeStop

(All photos courtesy of Allie Ruigrok)

Uptown is Pet Friendly!

Pet owners rejoice! The summer students at your business improvement association have been hard at work launching a pet friendly initiative in Uptown stores. You should see “pet friendly” stickers appearing on windows soon, and water bowls placed in stores or on doorsteps for our furry friends. If you do choose to bring your pet inside with you, please be sure to use a leash.

Pet friendly businesses include:


Backstreet Records

Buckland Merrifield Gallery

Cobalt Art Gallery



Dave Shoots Bookseller

Elwood’s Wood Lab

Exchange on Germain

Fishy Chores

Fundy Coins and Collectables

Good Fibrations

Happinez Wine Bar

Heartbreak Boutique

Heroes’ Beacon

Howard’s Convenience

Java Moose

Keirstead’s Flower Shop

Kitchen Craft Used Furniture & Appliances

Korner Grocery

L’il Shop of Science

On and Off Court

One Princess

Picaroons General Store

Piece O’Cake

Port City Pawn Shop


Ryan Duffy’s Steak & Seafood (patio)

Saint John Ale House (patio)

Scheherazade Books and Music


The Framing Factory

The Urban Shoe Myth

Trinity Galleries

TUCK Studio

Vogue Optical

Your Dollar Store With More



Cobalt Gallery


The Framing Factory




Heartbreak Boutique


Backstreet Records


Elwood’s Wood Lab


Trinity Galleries


On and Off Court


Photos: Allie Ruigrok

Cask & Kettle Irish Gastropub

Saint John is now home to Cask & Kettle Irish Gastropub, with fresh beer, great food and good times in the heart of Uptown Saint John.

Tying into Saint Johns Irish heritage, Cask and Kettle offers a great new space, new menu, and a fine place to dine and socialize on historic Prince William Street. 

20160706_112640-01 20160706_112708-01 20160706_112724-01 20160706_112805-01

Find Cask & Kettle Irish Gastropub:

On the Street:  112 Prince William Street
Online:  caskandkettle.com
Phone:  642-1885
Facebook:  Cask & Kettle Irish Gastropub
Twitter:  @caskandkettle

Welcome Uptown, Dave’s Lobster!

Saint John is known for our incredible seafood, and fresh lobster is always high on the list for both locals and visitors.  Dave’s Lobster specializes in epic lobster rolls and they have recently opened their doors at 114 Prince William Street.

Along with outstanding lobster rolls, Dave’s also serves up delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and local brew on tap.

20160706_113205-01 20160706_113025-01

Jenna and staff are here and happy to serve!

20160706_113234-01 20160706_113141-01 20160706_113450-01

Find Dave’s Lobster:
On the Street:  114 Prince William Street
Online:  daveslobster.com
Facebook:  Dave’s Lobster Saint John
Twitter:  @daveslobster
Instagram:  Dave’s Lobster
Phone:  1 855-503-2837

Korner Grocery . For all of your grocery needs and more!

We have come to know Korner Grocery at 136 Princess Street as our go-to for grocery and sundry needs, and despite construction right outside of their door, they are open for business!

Development involves some growing pains, but we can work around them and continue to support this appreciated business.  We are told that you can let the workers know that you are on a mission to the store and they will let you drive through.  That, or just park a few steps away on Sydney or Charlotte…it isn’t far.

I know the Slushies looked very tempting!



Construction is expected to go until September or October – let’s not let it interrupt our visits to Korner Grocery for our indulgences and necessities!