Uptown Mugs #26 . Nails by Abby

Located at 145 Union Street, four lovely ladies work their magic at this Hair and Nails Salon. ?Very cool hair colour transformations, cuts and styles happen here, as well as glamorous, funky, and modern nail designs. ?If you are looking for the latest in trending styles, something different, or just quality styling, give these ladies a call! ?Phone: 214.5500

Check out some of their impressive work on their Facebook pages below:

Nails by Abby

Hair by Alicia

Hair by Nicole

Let's get to know Abby, Alicia, Rachel and Nicole…

Where were you born/Where are you from???
Abby and Rachel are from Quispamsis. ?Alician is from Miramichi. ?Nicole is from Blooklyn, Nova Scotia.

How long have you been part of the uptown scene?
Abby, 3 years. ?Alicia, 2 years. ?Nicole, 3 months. ?Rachel, 1 year.

What is your favourite snack food?
Pop, chips and a bar.

Any Pets?
We all have dogs! ?Pugs, older English Bull doggie, and Yorkies!

Favourite Musician?

A unanimous local favourite – Del Worden!

What is your uptown 'insider tip?'

We love the diversity of local businesses and people! ?Everything we could ever need is right here uptown.

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