About Us

Uptown Saint John Inc. is the official voice of more than 650 business and property owners operating in Uptown’s 20-block Business Improvement Area (BIA).We work closely with our members to address their issues and to promote a common agenda in the development of the uptown.Often our concerns are shared and our initiatives supported by those living and working outside of the Business Improvement Area. We welcome their input as we continue to move toward a common vision of vitality and prosperity.Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Mission Statement

Supports and empowers businesses in our community to thrive.

Vision Statement

Making the standard of choice for business.


Uptown Saint John Inc. By-Laws

USJI By Laws as of April 2015


Uptown Saint John Inc. ACT



Uptown Saint John Inc.
17 Canterbury Street, Suite 180
Saint John, NB E2L 2C3
506.633.9797 . phone
506.652.3525 . fax
Executive Director – Nancy Tissington
Marketing and Communications – Tracy Hanson

How do I become a member?

Every property and business owner within the BIA Boundary are automatically members of the association by virtue of geographics.

What does the association do for me?

The BIA provides a unified voice to local government. Members are kept up to date on issues such as special events, marketing opportunities, seminars, parking, government advocacy, crime and safety and other matters of interest.

The association also provides detailed activities and financials through an Annual General Meeting held in the spring of each year. Our fiscal is on the calendar year.